The Birth of Fordin Automotive

William “Pops” Fordin, great-grandfather to Fred Fordin, a pioneering figure in the automotive industry, held the distinction of managing the most extensive fleet of Hunter and Cadillac taxis in the bustling streets of New York City.

The roots of the Fordin Automotive legacy trace back all the way to 1915 in this historic New York Times article. This piece sheds light on the nascent stages of the Fordin family’s automotive journey. At the forefront of this legacy is a family that emerged as trailblazers in the realm of transportation.

Fordin Automotive Family Enters Fixed Operations

In the bustling and dynamic landscape of the American automotive industry during the 1930’s and 1940’s, Fred Fordin’s grandfather Charles “Sonny” Fordin emerged as a visionary entrepreneur alongside his brothers.

Having gained deep understanding and knowledge of the automotive repair business working in their father’s taxi garage, they embarked on a groundbreaking venture that would revolutionize the concept of auto repair and maintenance – the creation of Great Bear Auto Centers.

This marked a pioneering effort in independent auto repair shop franchising, a concept that was novel at the time. Fred Fordin had his beginnings in automotive repair in the Brooklyn and Queens shops his father and grandfather owned. Last year Great Bear Auto Centers celebrated 90 years of serving the public, still being owned and operated by generations of Fordins.

Fred Fordin with his father Billy and grandfather Sonny at their Great Bear Auto Center, Brooklyn, NY 1961

The ASR Pro booth at NADA 2013 in Orlando, FL

ASR Pro Makes Sweeping Changes in Dealership Operations

The inception of ASR Pro marked a pivotal juncture in the careers of Fred Fordin and his son Charles, the founders of Fordin Automotive LLC. After amassing years of invaluable experience within the realms of automotive dealership and independent repair shop management, the Fordin’s entered into the world of Software as a Service. This visionary shift in focus gave rise to ASR Pro, a cutting-edge venture that would redefine the intersection of automotive expertise and technological innovation.

Drawing from his rich background in the automotive industry, Fred Fordin recognized the evolving landscape where software solutions could revolutionize processes and enhance efficiency.

With a strong understanding of the challenges faced by automotive professionals, Fordin envisioned ASR Pro as a comprehensive software platform that would streamline operations, optimize workflow, and elevate not only the overall performance of service departments, but the customers’ experiences with the dealership as well. Together with his son Charles, they developed this unique operational approach to fixed operations excellence. Today, ASR Pro operates in over 7000 franchised dealerships in the US and Canada through CDK Global and Cox Automotive bringing an average of over $3 billion in additional annual parts and service sales to those dealerships.

Fordin Automotive LLC

Armed with a wealth of knowledge gained from their roles in automotive dealership, independent repair, and the software realm (as demonstrated through the creation of ASR Pro), Fred and Charles Fordin recognized a growing need within the industry.

The landscape is evolving rapidly, marked by technological advancements, shifting consumer expectations, and emerging trends that demand a strategic and forward-thinking approach. With this backdrop, Fordin Automotive LLC was created as a response to the dynamic challenges faced by automotive professionals.

The Next Fordin Automotive Product

Deelr Pro BI is the next super tool in the Fordin Automotive toolbox. This highly effective business intelligence platform allows dealership management to not only plan and project finances and manpower accurately, but also react quickly to detailed yet concise information available at their fingertips. Built on a robust and ultra-modern tech stack, Deelr Pro BI is the next generation of dealership management insights and decision making prowess.

Charles fordin

Charles Fordin is a seasoned professional with a proven track record as a startup founder and EVP of Product Management and Operations. Fordin’s career spans both lean startup and enterprise levels, demonstrating success across diverse industries, with a focus on the automotive industry. His expertise encompasses SaaS product development, business operations management, marketing strategy, negotiation, sales, and customer experience.

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Like his father, Charles has deep roots in the automotive industry. As Executive Vice President and Chief Product Officer of ASR Pro, he played a pivotal role in steering the development of web-based software solutions that surpassed standardized processes in the global automotive industry. Charles led a dedicated team committed to delivering excellence to new and used car dealerships, as well as retail service locations worldwide.

He then went on to leadership roles in product management at Xtime and Dealer Market Exchange before landing at Affinitive where, as product architect director, he worked in tandem with leadership in product and technology to modernize existing tools that are crowd favorites and launch new products and concepts.

Expertise in SaaS and Automotive

With a wealth of experience working with both established technology and startup culture, Charles efforts to date have had a global impact, expanding software solutions, exceeding industry standards and enhancing operational efficiency on a worldwide scale. He’s developed and executed strategic plans, as a leader in the automotive software space, and led cross-functional teams to ensure seamless collaboration in pursuit of organizational goals.

The Journey Continues: Dealer Pro

Now, Charles enters a new chapter, with the acquisition and further development of Deelr Pro BI. This venture signifies the Fordin’s ongoing commitment to pushing boundaries and leading transformative initiatives within the automotive industry. Deelr Pro BI is poised to be a testament to both of their foresight and dedication to advancing operational excellence.

Fred Fordin

With an impressive career spanning over five decades, Fred Fordin stands as a venerable figure in the automotive industry—a thought leader whose name is synonymous with trust and innovation. As the torchbearer of a legacy that has shaped the automotive landscape for over a century, Fred has navigated the evolution of the industry, including, most recently, pioneering automotive software platforms.

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Fred’s journey has been marked by leadership roles at the Hendrick and Sonic Automotive groups. His tenure as the CEO of ASR PRO was a pivotal chapter, where he spearheaded the development of an enterprise-level SaaS company. This revolutionary software, operating today in over 7,000 franchise dealerships, transformed automotive dealership service departments, optimizing operations, enhancing efficiency, and driving profitability.

He then joined Dealertrack as Vice President/GM of Fixed Operations, and championed the post-acquisition operations for Dealertrack, a leading provider of integrated dealership technologies, taking charge of seamlessly integrating Fixed Ops into the Variable Ops focused company, ensuring alignment with the overarching business strategy.

Most recently Fred was VP/General Manager of DMS Operations at CDK Global, the largest new car dealership DMS system/company globally. He provided leadership to a team of 200+ professionals, managing a substantial annual revenue of $850M and holding full P&L responsibility for a diverse customer base comprising 10,000 dealerships.

Expertise in SaaS and Automotive

With a wealth of experience exceeding 50 years, Fred is an expert in both SaaS and the automotive sector. His deep operational knowledge has been instrumental in reshaping industry norms. Fred’s reputation extends beyond his technological acumen, making him a highly regarded figure known for steering rapid, scalable business growth.

The Journey Continues: Deelr Pro BI

Now, Fred is embarking on a new chapter with his son Charles Fordin, with the acquisition and further development of Deelr Pro BI. This venture signifies his ongoing commitment to pushing boundaries and leading transformative initiatives within the automotive industry. Deelr Pro BI is poised to be a testament to Fred’s foresight and dedication to advancing operational excellence in dealerships.

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